Hello, one and all!

I’m venturing into the world of blogging!  Those of you who know me well know that I am already on Twitter quite a bit and that I post to a football blog a few times a month, but I decided to develop my own blog based on my profession.

I’ve been a teacher since 2002, when I stepped into a classroom for the first time as an  instructor at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA.  I hadn’t taken any teaching prep courses before that summer, but I knew from the very first time I delivered a lecture that I was home. I’ve been at Skyline part-time/adjunct since that summer.  I have also been full-time at Los Altos High School (my alma mater) since the fall of 2004, and my career has been spent balancing those two venues since then.

What will follow in the next 12 months will be an experiment:  how to express the victories, struggles, and other events that go with a public education career.  I will be discussing my own experiences and will do my best to keep people anonymous when I do mention them at all.

I also intend to ask for feedback from you, dear readers, rather than simply rant about what happens to me in the classroom.  I do not want my blog to be simply self-aggrandizement, or one more person who blogs just to show off to his peers.  And I absolutely want to make this a conversation as much as I can, not just a monologue (monoblogue?).

So, off we go.  Climb aboard, there’s room for everyone!

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