Summer (Can’t) Breeze (By)

My apologies to Seals and Crofts for that title, but there’s a larger point here.

As a teacher, I’ve always had trouble with the summer.  I have generally figured that those 9 or 10 weeks were more or less mine — to read, sleep in, catch up on movies and TV shows, spend time with family, and generally recharge my batteries.  And the thought of doing anything related to my classroom before I absolutely had to — not counting the summer school class I taught, of course — was absolutely anathema to me.

When I would try to force myself to work on stuff for the upcoming school year, it was like wading through an ocean of peanut butter.  The thoughts weren’t well formulated, the process was agonizingly slow, and my mind was just not focused on the task at hand.  After all, why sweat over something that is almost two months away when the Giants are beating the Dodgers on TV, my son wants to build a Lego project, and the latest Ace Collins book just arrived from Amazon?

This summer is going to be different.  I’ll still get plenty of sleep (including naps), and I will not short-change my family time.  But my Google Keep list is already full of things I plan on doing to make next year better than this one has been.

Some of the professional objectives I have are:

  • Plan out all my units for both Civics and US History
  • Make a playlist of all the walk-in and walk-out music I will be using for both classes, and to save it on YouTube
  • Participating in all the Twitter chats I couldn’t consistently do during the school year
  • Make a list of pledges to my students to be given out on Day 1 of the new semester (watch this space for more of those)
  • Do some experiments with EdPuzzle and FliGrid
  • Incorporate hyperdocs into every unit (and use ones I made up this year with my colleague)
  • Watch “The Vietnam War” series and try to implement it into the corresponding unit of study

My dear PLN, hold me to this: This summer will be the offseason for Mike the Teacher-Athlete. The day after graduation, at sunrise, I will be up, sucking down some much-needed coffee, and attacking this list with gusto.

Okay, maybe I’ll wait until the Monday after graduation.  But no later!!

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